Welcome to Story Supply Co.

Friends and family, I’d like to tell you about a new adventure I am embarking on. Sometimes, we get an idea that feels like it could become something big. These ideas come at seemingly random times, like while you’re driving or waiting in line to … [Read more]

Daily Creative Prompts on my tumblr

Starting Monday, December 16th, I plan to post daily writing and creative prompts. This about sharing things I've found to work for myself and others. It is also an autobiographical venture, in that it will allow me to explore creative triggers that … [Read more]

Time for a facelift

I'm about to make some serious changes to the way this site looks and functions. In part, I'm doing this to make the site a better tool for engaging with readers and form new creative opportunities. Also, I like shiny objects. So if you're … [Read more]

If You Give Vito A Reference

View as slideshowWe get older, and life gets strange. Just earlier I was watching a stream of Live guitarist, Chad Taylor, announcing a partnership between his company Think Loud and a new company he's invested in called United Fiber & Data, and … [Read more]

From the Brevity Blog

Check out my recent post from AWP at the Brevity Blog.    Prettying Up the Baby: Publishing Creative Nonfiction in a Challenging Market. Ava Chin, Dawn Raffel, and Marion Winik Disclaimer: This panel did speak about getting … [Read more]